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Carolina will be performing as SOPHIE in Primary Stages' Read-A-Long performances of Kentucky by Leah Nanako WInkler. 1/24 at 5pm and 1/27 at `12pm

Primary Stages is producing these read-a-longs of Kentucky to help audiences more deeply engage with their current production of God Said This (performances run until Feb 12th!.

  • Writer's pictureCarolina Do

This year has been a phenomenal roller-coaster for me as an artist. Full of trial and error and eventually, growth! 8 hours before the stroke of midnight, I finished the first draft of The New Americans. Based upon the interviews, gathered over a two year span, with my parents about their lives before they became MY parents, it is an odyssey about two freedom fighters and the daughter that bears their legacy.


I've also had the privilege of:

  • Playing the role of JEAN in a workshop reading of Cherry Lou Sy's The Other Miss Julie (Brooklyn College, MFA Playwright under Erin Courtney and Mac Wellman). Directed by Jolie Tong.

  • Final callbacks for the role of BELLAMY in The Vineyard/New Group's co-production of Jeremy O'Harris' Daddy

  • Private reading of The World is Not Silent by Don Nguyen, commissioned by East West Players

  • Benefit performance at The Tank for Leviathan Lab. Sudade by Kaela Garvin, directed by Nina Zoe Lam.

  • Developed and performed a new work by Maria Logis, directed by Rachel Dart.

  • Casting Internship with Judy Henderson Casting (Homeland, City on a Hill)

  • Callbacks for Vietgone (ACT) and The Chinese Lady (Ma-Yi)

  • Booked a series regular role on pilot, Queens, directed by Nicole Gomez-Fisher

  • Table read of Catherine Weingarten's The Hornet's Nest, developed at the New Group, directed by Ben Stockman

  • Callback for FBI

  • Playing the lead role of CASSANDRA OF TROY in Life, Brief and Glorious by Bryn Manion, directed by Rachel Dart, produced by The New Collectives. (March-April)

  • Playing the lead role of THE GIRL in She, A Choreoplay by Jinah Parker, directed by Tamilla Woodard (off-Broadway)

  • Guest star role on Sideways Smile, a new webseries directed by Hang Nguyen

  • Lead role as V in NYU thesis film Children of the Dust directed by L Dan Nguyen

  • Joining Equity!

Cassandra of Troy, Life, Brief and Glorious

  • Writer's pictureCarolina Do

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Carolina is currently shooting the lead role of SADIE THE SAVAGE in an independent short film, CATFIGHT.

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