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Carolina Đỗ (she/her) is an actor, playwright, producer, and community organizer.


As a first generation Việt born in America, the child of refugees and descendant of freedom fighters, I believe strongly in the power of weaving new and de-colonizing narratives for new world building. 

My work is grounded in storytelling as a tool in the fight for liberation and centers around generational healing, diasporic longings, and collective storytelling.


I am a founding Producing Artistic Leader of The Sống Collective whose mission is to nurture a community of artists whose work explores questions of identity, race, intersectionality, immigration, and the refugee experience. 


As an actor, I have worked on Broadway in back-to-back shows at Second Stage, collaborated with many theatre companies, on devising and new works, including: Clubbed Thumb, PlayCo, Yangtze Rep, JACK, The Hearth, Piper Theater, LoadingDock, CreativeTime.  Films and works that I have been a part of have screened at SXSW (AVIVA), Austin Film Festival (CRAM, SIDEWAYS SMILE), Outfest, AAIFF, Bushwick, among many others.

As a playwright, I have incubated my work with the Naked Angels' Issue Project Lab and Piper Theater. My play, Buried Ruins, was a 2022 Princess Grace Semi-Finalist, 2022 Bushwick Starr Reading Series Finalist, 2020 Space On Ryder Farm Semifinalist & 2020 BRICLAB Finalist. I just completed a two-week residency at JACK, centered on exploring conversations with our ancestors and how to hold onto hope. We just wrapped up LOVE LETTERS TO OUR PAST AND FUTURE SELVES, a collaboration between myself, Gaven Trinidad, Garrett Kim, and Diana Ly that explores  the complicated, hilarious, and oftentimes fraught, relationships that we have with family, our cultures, and the food that nourishes and comforts us. What has to happen in order to build a better foundation for ourselves and future generations? What do we have to let go of and what do we take with us? Currently, I am an Orchard Project Greenhouse Resident.

As a community organizer, my work is grounded in radical care. I organize where I am needed: anti-deportation work, community fridges, bailouts, jail support, undocumented communities, mutual aid, etc. 



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