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If there's anything this long pandemic has exacerbated for me, it's my failing short term memory and my concept of time. Throughout it though, I have been truly blessed laughter, love, great food, and with opportunities to collaborate with artists and community organizers who challenge, nourish, and inspire me. I also have a different perspective on art-making. I'm curious about the ways we can sustain one another without relying on the old systems that continue to exploit and damage us. I look forward to building upon the work of 2021 into this new year.

To keep track for myself, here's some art/theater/creative/organizing work that I've done since May.


  • Shot a role in the feature film, "Good Egg" directed by longtime collaborator Nicole Gomez Fisher

  • Starting working with A3's commercial division

  • Produced the Viet Writers Lab with 6 brilliant Viet playwrights


  • Reading of Ayla Xuan Chi Sullivan's LAST STOP directed by Renee Yeong, produced by TOSOS + Dennis Corsi + AriDy Nox

  • Booked a National Commercial for Bush's Beans. Link here

  • Panel Discussion with NAMI on the impact of COVID and Racism on Asian American Mental Health


  • Workshop of NERO for Kyoung's Pacific Beat

  • Callback for a webseries for a high-profile video game



  • Partnered with TDF to get 1000 tickets to NYC students to see PlayCo's DJANGO IN PAIN


  • Shot another scene for the feature film MA'S KITCHEN where I'm the lead

  • Went on a long trip to Italy where I finally got to visit Venice + Milan. I had this fear that Venice would sink before I ever set foot on it. The weather was perfect, the tourists were few. and the gelato was yearn-worthy. I also became a godmother to a beautiful girl, Sofiya.

  • I went on my first and last cruise to Mexico. I got to swim with dolphins and swim in cenotes and visited the Mayan ruins.


  • Reading of COOKING UP by by Shoko Matsumura, directed by Jordana De La Cruz at Japan Society

  • Workshop Development of HAPPY LIFE by Kathy Ng, directed by Kat Yen at The Hearth

  • Rehearsals and performances of LOVE LETTERS TO OUR PAST AND FUTURE SELVES

  • Got a free box of rapid tests from the local testing site

  • Writer's pictureCarolina Do
  • Viet Writers Lab

  • Recurring Character on FBI: Most Wanted

  • Co-Star on Law & Order SVU

  • Readings with

    • San Francisco Playhouse

    • Theatreworks

    • Leviathan Lab

    • Yangtze Repertory

  • 5 Iterations of Is It Supposed To Last? with PlayCo

  • Auditions with offices:

    • Leah Daniels Butler

    • Vickie Thomas

    • Mark Saks

    • Victor Vasquez

    • Atomic Honey

    • Telsey & Company

    • Carmen Cuba

    • Finnegan/Jacobs/Rotter

    • Bowling/Miscia

    • Jonathan Strauss

    • Hopkins/Ingram

    • Joseph/Zane

  • Writer's pictureCarolina Do

Carolina Do is a Novice Level Sage Burner- La Mezcla: Conversations with Mixed Race and First Generation Americans (Spotify)

“We Respond” is a new digital art piece opening at ZAZ 10 Times Square gallery. Over a thousand quotes from 50 states scroll on monitors in Times Square; each quote is drawn from interviews asking people to respond to the last year.

How We Bear Witness- "With help from Open Your Lobby, playwright and actor Carolina Do has petitioned Second Stage Theatre (located next to Times Square) to open. She, and two other artists, gathered over 300 signatures for a petition within a day, which they then sent to the theater’s management. Second Stage then gave Do permission to use their space starting June 6 and contributed to buying supplies. For the last two days, Do and a group of volunteers have been greeting protestors whenever they come by. Do sees this as an opportunity for theaters, who have recently been vocal about their support for Black Lives Matter, to take concrete action—not just wait until next year when the industry starts up again and we have all become distracted by other headlines. “It definitely was a lot of work of us going, ‘You put out a BLM statement but what are you really doing?’” she told me."

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