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Buried Ruins

Buried Ruins is a play that is memory, wishful dreams, and maybe only somewhat true. A series of torturously absurd family dinners are interrupted by glitches of memories of the past. Buried Ruins is about Vietnamese parents and daughters trying to get through to one another- despite generational trauma, the force of cultural assimilation and good bad karaoke.


29-hour reading with Second Generations, 59E59Theaters, and The Sống Collective, Sep 2022

Directed by Cara Hinh, Cast: Lennox T. Duong, David Lee Huynh, Johnny Le, Quentin Nguyen-duy, Thammie Quach, and Bi Jean Ngo. SM: Kelley HoCasting by Jessica Luu Pelletier

2023 O’Neill Semi-Finalist

2022 Princess Grace Semi-Finalist

2022 Bushwick Starr Reading Lab Finalist

2020 BricLab Finalist

2020 Space on Ryder SemiFinalist

Cast 6-10


ĂN CHƠI : eat / play / rage - (A don't fuck with the weekend shift play)

Cast 6

“Work hard. Play Hard.” is the unofficial official motto of the waitresses at AN CHOI. A weekend shift in the weeds can feel like purgatory, especially if bringing pho to entitled Lower East Siders is not your life’s calling. But in spite of their constant bickering on-and-off the floor, these misfits are one another’s chosen families, guided with love by the matriarch and owner of the restaurant, even as she struggles to forget her past.


2023 Leah Ryan Finalist

2022 NEW OHIO THEATRE: New Plays Downtown—four new plays for right now reading

Directed by Cara Hinh, Cast: Lennox T. Duong, Zoë Kim, Jessica Luu Pelletier, Vas Eli, Belle Le, Kathy Huynh-Phan, Carolina Do

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Four humans walk into an immigration facility...three walk out as aliens. Like real aliens. It costs more than a lot of money to be an immigrant in America— documented or undocumented. When going up against a money-hungry and remorseless bureaucratic immigration system that’s designed for you to fail, are you willing to gamble your life, your sanity, your self-worth, your humanity for a chance? A chance at what though? And yet, why are they anchored here?


Presentation at The Brick Quick & Dirty

2024 JACK

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